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History of Solo Hair Fashions

Solo Hair Fashions was established in 1984 on the corner of New Road and Cremer Street in Sheringham. 

Sharon and I took over from the existing owner, whom we worked for, after he moved away from the area somewhat abruptly.

In the early days Sharon was still doing her college city and guilds training at Norwich City College, I had just finished my advanced course myself a few months earlier. Sharon was only 17 years old and I Nigel was only 20.

In that year Britain was going through a mini recession and since then we have seen two more. Clever use of fiscal husbandry and we believe, good honest hard work and satisfied customers have been our key to success.

On March 22nd 1987 we moved to our current site. It was the garden of our family home given to us by deed of gift. We decided that we could demolish the old coal outbuilding and sheds together with what was left of the dilapidated greenhouse and further develop and improve the garage which now houses the main salon.

On removing the windows in 1990 we were delighted to discover that the date inscribed into one of the panes was the date 1897. On listening to our now late grandfather we learned that these windows were taken from the properties where Sainsbury’s is now or thereabouts. When the old cottages were being renovated to make way for the new developments my great grandfather took them and utilised the window frames for the use in his garage, our Hairdressing Salon.

Grandfather Maurice Wilton was son of Primary School teacher Mrs Wilton who taught the boys in the Primary School where Shannock Court stands today. Maurice was known for his many talents including fishing and charging up people’s accumulators for sixpence a time. He played the piano at 19 for the silent movies and went on to his old age entertaining in the local pubs with renditions on his electrical keyboard. He like his father was a painter and decorator come sign writer by trade. Adorning his talents over many a shop front. His writing skills meant also that he secured the job of coffin plate engraver.

Our only claim to having any hairdressing in our blood is that my great grandfather cut the troops’ hair during the Boar War in South Africa, he was born there and was son of a Civil Engineer.

So that’s our history, we hope it has answered a few of your questions.

Thank you for reading.

Solo Hair Fashions, Sheringham, NorfolkSolo Hair Fashions, Sheringham, North NorfolkSolo Hair Fashions
Old Hairdressing Implements at Solo Hair Fashions, Sheringham, North Norfolk